Privacy Policy

Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED Inc. recognizes the importance of properly protecting personal information, and is making the following efforts in that regard:

  1. When obtaining personal information about our customers, we will obtain the information to the extent required while specifying as much as possible about what the information will be used for, and clarifying the purpose and the contact point for customer questions.
  2. We will keep close control over personal information obtained from customers, and take measures to prevent the information from being accessed without authorization, lost, destroyed, tampered with, or leaked.
  3. We will not provide, reveal, or otherwise expose personal information obtained from customers to any third parties. However, the following exceptions apply:
    (1) When the customer has consented
    (2) When statistical data has been produced in a form that individual customers cannot be distinguished
    (3) Entities to which we outsource our work are obligated by confidentiality agreements and other such requirements to protect personal information. We provide information to these entities under the condition that they manage it by handling personal information in the proper manner.
    (4) When personal information must be disclosed to financial and other such institutions to facilitate credit payments for purchases of products or services which require a fee.
    (5) When disclosure to third parties is allowed by related laws or their principles or guidelines
  4. When using personal information of customers jointly with other entities, we will obtain information to the extent required while providing prior clarification of the fact that the information will be jointly used, as well as defining what personal information will be used, the extent of entities with which it will be used, the purpose of the joint use, and the name and title of the person in charge.
  5. When customers wish to disclose, alter, or perform any other such procedures on their personal information, they can contact our designated customer contact point. Upon confirming the identity of the customer, we will provide prompt handling of their requests, within reason.
  6. We will work to implement employee training and awareness programs, and designate the persons responsible for safeguarding personal information. At the same time, we will work to formulate, implement, maintain, and continuously improve compliance programs for protecting personal information.
  7. We will observe laws such as the Personal Information Protection Law and other such standards pertaining to the handling of personal information.

Enacted June 2017
Konica Minolta Pioneer OLED Inc.